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Frequently asked questions

Q - How do you do it?

A - We use the knowledge learned over years of trial and error - it's what we do for a living. If we do not deliver, our customers would simply stop using us - so we get it right.

Q - What guarantee's are there?

A - We invest time and effort getting it right, if we do not get you a top page listing for at least one of the agreed search terms in the suggested time then we stop charging you until this is achieved. The other key word combinations may take a little longer depending on the strength of the competition.

Q - Will I have to make big changes to my site?

A - Absolutely not, however, there may be some tweaks that we recommend to help our efforts and we will discuss these with you on an individual basis.

Q - Will Google ban my site

A - Nothing that we do compromises your site with Google, quite the reverse.

Q - Why are you so cheap?

A - We do a good job and companies/people like working with us. We obtain, and retain, sufficient business to charge a reasonable price for our services. It is, however, supply and demand and we may increase our prices at some point. This will not though affect existing customers - so get in quick..

Q - Are the prices the same no matter what my requirement is?

A - No. This depends on many factors. If you want us to get you on the top page accross the globe for the latest I-Phone it's going to cost more than ... well you get the picture. That's why we agree key word combinations in advance.

Q - What if I want to discontinue your service?

A - Simply drop us an email and stop paying the monthly fee. There is no formal notice period.

Q - If I stop using your service will my listing drop?

A - Any enhancements made to your site will continue to help you, however, we run various external campains on your site every other week to keep you at the top and these will stop.

Q - Is it true that you will carry out free work for registered charities?

A - Sshh that's a secret, but yes. Put a note in the comments box on the contact sheet and we'll see what we can do.


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